Daily ChioBu: Nozomi Sasaki

The beautiful Sasaki Nozomi 望佐々木 began modeling for Teen magazines in Japan. She is often seen in popular magazines like Pinky. More pictures of after the break.

Nozomi Blog

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8 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Nozomi Sasaki

  1. krazzy says:

    oman, the one with the bicycle is giving me a noes bleed, arghh.

  2. abao says:

    this one chio. but seen better ones aso :)

  3. keviN says:

    Very HOT!!

  4. nayoh says:

    You so cute…

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  6. Andy says:

    Sasaki Nozomi is one of the loveliest young models ever!!
    Absolutely beautiful!!

  7. jason says:

    Nozomi is so pretty, she’s also pretty cute in her videos too, she gonna be a big star I just know it

  8. EL says:

    OMG she’s so HOT. i want to touch her soft skins and kiss her sexy lips

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