Daily SG: 29 Oct 2007

Section 377a
– Live today as if there’s no tomorrow: I’m in love with Alfian Sa’at
– Yawning Bread: The limits of civility
– The Artificial Construct: 377A – Hell Hath No Fury than a self-righteous NMP out to persecute
– Comfortably Numb: Blaming the victims
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: Of morals, rights and harm
– The Online Citizen: NMP’s views at odds with AIDS relief research paper
– Theory.isthereason: What Singapore could learn from the 377A debate…
– The Kway Teow Man: On Section 377A
– Journaliam.sg: ST’s Janadas Devan exposes Li-Ann’s Thiology
– la nausée: Final Reflections on s 377A – For Now…
– blankanvas: Straws and Noses
– Yawning Bread: Non-repeal of 377A: Was it all a blunder?
– Mollymeek: Dr. Thio and Academic Freedom
– Reverse Redacting Thio Li Ann: Sound Bytes and Polemics

Parliament Oct 2007
– Mr Wang Says So: Two Men and a Hypothetical Woman in a Public Place
– Alice in Wonderland: Will you be “tagged” by National Registry of Disease Act 2007?

Daily Discourse
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Will Merger Hinder Think Tank’s Role?
– The Online Citizen: Government using hyperbole to justify public protests ban
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Protests
– The Universe Within: Random thoughts on the usual things
– In the land of the blind…: ST forum letter promoting Quackery? Decide for yourself
– Angry Doctor: Cow Dung 5
– Mr Wang Says So: The Right to Use a Condom
– Ian on Singapore: When Is A Blog Post Not A Blog Post?
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Why Peaceful Protests are not allowed in Singapore…
– Urbanrant: Another Singapore First – PM LEE first to congratulate new Myanmar PM Lieutenant-General Thein Sein
– The Void Deck: A Petrol Rant – Paying More at the Pumps

Life, the universe and everything
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: In Conversation with Aileen Sim, First Meta

– sgForums: Vote now in a CNA poll on annuities!

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