Daily ChioBu: Honey Lee Ha-Nui

Honey Lee Ha-Nui 이하늬, 24, is the third runner-up at the 2007 Miss Universe beauty pageant in Mexico. Her father is a high ranking Korean National Intelligence Service officer. Her mother, a professor at Ewha Women’s University, was designated a “living cultural asset” in the field of gayageum (12-string Korean traditional instrument) music. Honey Lee, like her mother, is also a professional gayageum player, and was named a gayageum prodigy by the Kumho Art Center.

Pictures of Honey Lee and a video of her playing the gayageum [truly a prodigy] after the break.

Honey Lee Gayageum Performance at Letter Writing Authors Society

Honey Lee at the Miss Universe 2007 Pageant

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7 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Honey Lee Ha-Nui

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  2. Hallywood says:

    Omg, talk about pedigree and talent. If she had played that at the Miss Universe pageant, I wonder if she would have won instead of Japan.

  3. Danny says:

    Looking at you I understand why is it that so many people (me included) get in love of you.
    That’s why also I am making diligences to move from America to east asia.
    I would like to talk with you some day.

  4. El DE says:

    She should be co-winner with Miss Japan, a crying shame!!!!

    Miss Thailand was also very nice, this past Miss Universe was ALRIGHT!!!! Pity Miss Universe/Japan is forced to do that stupid show on MTV, it is soooooooooooooo beneath her beauty and intelligence, another crying shame!!!!

    Hopefully I can visit Asia soon, gorgeous women!

    El DE

  5. Janine says:

    Miss Korea…what a STUNNER!

  6. Willian Max says:

    She would have won.. =/

    she’s PERFECT..!! ;)

    Thank’s Korea.. =)

  7. Willian Max says:

    She’s Perfect.. ^^

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