Daily Tech: iPhone Security Exploit

Tech Talk
– Security Evaluators: Exploiting the iPhone
– ExtremeTech: Future Tension: Protection versus Convenience
– Digital Photography Review: Canon SD870 IS Digital ELPH (IXUS 860 IS)
– Digital Photography Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2
– Wired: Proposed Law Could Be a Cold Shower for YouPorn
– USA Today: Rockers Matchbox Twenty join the USB revolution
– Wired: Exclusive: I Was a Hacker for the MPAA
– Computerworld Singapore: Singapore is IP safe
– PC Advisor: Apple kills Boot Camp beta
– Wired: How Manga Conquered the U.S., a Graphic Guide to Japan’s Coolest Export

SG Tech
– Theory.isthereason: If “blogging” is a dirty word, then I am scum…
– Ian on Singapore: What Facebook’s New Ad System Might Look Like.
– Sriram Krishnan: Facebook rumours for Tuesday/Wednesday’s announcement…

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3 Responses to Daily Tech: iPhone Security Exploit

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  2. jiahuey says:


    Mr Kevin Lim, I just want to personally inform that I voted for your competitors along with perhaps 950 other regular brotherhood readers.

    I believe similar drives have also been planned in the US and Alumini circuit to do the same. The figure may be 5 or 6 times higher there.

    I believe MIT has a site, its called “Rap Rap Rapture” and one of the programs is to try to vote you out.

    I hope you don’t mind, after all this is the internet age and we all live in a democracy and we all have a right to vote for or against. This is our right.

    I just want you to know this so that when you dont get the scholarship. You wouldn’t end up scratching your head. There is nothing worse than try to scratch an itch and not being able to reach it.

    Have a very nice day and good luck


  3. squidandflour says:

    Do you lie?
    Do you try
    To keep in touch? you know you could
    I’ve tried to see your point of view
    But could not hear or see
    For jealousy



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