Daily SG: 25 Oct 2007

Section 377a
– Used Brain for Sale: Hiding Behind Rhetoric: A Rebuttal of Thio Li-Ann
– Mr Wang Says So: Sexual Discriminations in the Law
– Winter is Coming: A Mega Post on a Mega Topic I
– The Online Citizen: Deconstructing the Majority
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: What the heck is the meaning of “conservative”?
– All and Sundry: Are You Sure Gays Are Not Harassed?
– Loveless Summer: Singaporeans are scared sh*tless by gay people
– Musings: Indranee Rajah on Pornography
– The Ignorantsoup: Parliamentary Classic: 377A (Part 1)
– The Legal Janitor: Its time to leave
– MissCel: section 377a
– The Daily Backtrack: Applause and thumping of chairs
– Musings: Indranee Rajah on Pornography
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Keep377a.com (III)

Parliament Oct 2007
– The Online Citizen: Further questions about Myanmar and t-shirts
– Mr Wang Says So: Bird Talk
– Musings: De Souza’s Question on Grooming
– Beyond SG: Replies by Minister George Yeo to Questions (on Myanmar) in Parliamnt on 22 Oct 2007
– MHA: Second Reading Speech of The Penal Code (Amendment) Bill by Ho Peng Kee
– sgForums: ERP helps more S’poreans to own cars: Minister
– sgForums: Sylvia Lim fights 4 amendments to Laws on Peaceful Assembly
– Coffee Shop Talk: ERP is reason why Sporeans buy more cars

Burmese Protests
– Pseudonymity: Burmese Group In Malaysia Demonstrate Against Singapore Business Ties With Junta
– Pseudonymity: All Burma Democratic Force Memorandum To Government Of Singapore

Daily Discourse
– Angry Doctor: Them 5
– mrbrown: Banned with pride by the MOE, again
– Presenting the(new)mediaslut!: Are bloggers journalists?
– The Elegant Peach: When The Children Cry
– Just Stuff: When Newspapers Decide Not To Be Newspapers – A Lesson in Economic Reality.
– sgForums: Your remarks on your sg education system experience

Life, the universe and everything
– when an angel is buried in an avalanche: everyone, JETSTAR SUCKS!
– Good Morning Yesterday: Nantah as she was 37 Years Ago
– Just Eat Lah… : They…they…put up an ERP gantry right outside my home!
– nussu the ridge online: A Harry Potter Tribute, Our Salute to a Decade of Magic

– Public Lecture: “Malay Ethnic Identity: Unravelling the Historical from the Discursive

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