Daily SG: 18 Oct 2007

Repeal377a.com is collecting signatures for a letter to the PM that explains why Section 337a of the Penal Code should be repealed and why doing so is for the greater good of the country. The call for signatures ends on October 19. The completed letter with all the signatures will be compiled and delivered to the Prime Minister after the closing date.

View the letter here.

Section 377a
– Pkchukiss: Anti-gay faction launches low-blow at Mr Siew Kum Hong
– My Bitching Area: 2 Rebuttals
– Hungry Guy: Stereotypes And Section 377A
– Pink.sg: Misunderstood
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Sign Open Letter to Prime Minister to Repeal Anti-gay Law
– if life gives me lemond i’ll make lemonade: two issues
– The Stars Are Blazin’: …No human should help another decide their love or sexual interest
– Linus Chua’s Blog: Message to the Government
– nikheart: God’s Mysterious Ways
– SPUG: Gay community appealing to PM to repeal 377A

Daily Discourse
– Yawning Bread: When warnings go unheeded
– My Singapore News: Subsidised patients demand for same standard
– Mr Wang Says So: A Flawed Survey
– Decay on Net: Singapore has more press freedom
– All and Sundry Singapore: Can You Survive On $1 A Day? Support The World Food Day. Make Poverty History
– Alice in Wonderland: Alleged nepotistic motives [of Lee Family] landed Financial Times in hotsoup
– Singapore Alternatives: Translated: Spirit of Democratic System
– SG_Ljers: Cannot wear undies only at home!
– HWZ: National Service, Thralldom

Life, the universe and everything
– The Fitness & Design Jurulatih: Looks matter? – The deception
– kennysia.com: C-In2 Men’s Push-Up Underwear Review
– Fresh Brainz 新鲜脑汁: Depressing Jobs
– MercerMachine: Katong blues
– HWZ: Regan lee case update

– King of convinience: Asian Film Archive Presents: Roundtable and Dialogue Session with Singaporean Documentarians

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9 Responses to Daily SG: 18 Oct 2007

  1. Repeals377a says:

    Read “Linus Chua’s Blog” above. This is what we are up against, fundies…

  2. ryan says:

    i can’t help but feel that there is alot of misunderstandings.

    now if everyone can sit down and talk it out without slandering each other…

  3. Surfer says:

    The link in the banner’s broken!

  4. The Singapore Daily says:

    Link corrected. Thanks for spotting the error, Surfer.

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  6. gonococcus says:

    i’m trying to be as non-partisan as possible here so, this post will prolly sting both ways

    i think, the pro 377A camp (haha, camp) – while being whatever we call them – do have a right to their opinion too and well, it’s sad to sometimes see the anti 377A faction hurling personal attacks and making assumptions just because they support 377A. among the blogs i read and the people i know it’s almost a kneejerk response: ‘you support 377A? you’re therefore an irrational narrowminded fundie LALALALA I REFUSE TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY’

    while they are ignorant about why 377A should be repealed, we too are pretty ignorant about what makes them feel that way

  7. Sitis says:

    Hi, all readers,

    Another article on 377A: “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being”


    Happy reading.


  8. IamNoServant says:

    Linus Chua wrote in his blog:

    “we have been concerned about recent appeals to the government to decriminalize sodomy…

    we believe that the Bible alone is the Word of the Living and True God, and is thus the highest standard and authority in all matters relating to the faith, life and practice for all mankind….

    the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality as a sin, i.e. a breaking of God’s law…

    the Bible and not science must determine morality…

    the Bible views sodomy as a crime which all States have the responsibility before God to punish (Leviticus 18:22-30, 20:13, Romans 13:1-4).

    we would humbly urge the government of Singapore to uphold civil morality and righteousness in our land by refusing to decriminalize homosexuality and by penalizing those who openly and unashamedly transgress this law.”

    Sounds pretty fundie to me

  9. shoestring says:

    People have as much right to be fundie as to be horny.

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