Daily SG: 17 Oct 2007

On Wednesday 17 October, millions of people from around the world will add their voices to the movement to Make Poverty History. ONE (Singapore) will be holding a Stand Up And Speak Out Against Poverty forum on Wednesday 17 October at the ballroom of the M Hotel. More about the forum at ONE (Singapore).

Not that we love Caesar less…
– The Online Citizen: Why are we still being led by one man’s philosophy?
– All and Sundry Singapore: Lee Kuan Yew Dismisses Low Press-Freedom Ranking for Singapore
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: the harshest [dumbest] yet

Pink Issues
– Fearfully Opinionated: a quiet contemplation
– Balderdash: A response to my opinion that we should not campaign to repeal 377A
– mollymeek: Hilarious Idiocy

Burma Protests
– Chemical Generation Singapore: But the Substation is indoors

Daily Discourse
– Insane Polygons: Just Passing Through
– What Others Say?: Why It’s Time To Move Beyond Mr Brown.
– In the land of the blind, one eye man is king: Peasants learn warp logic from ministers?
– The Void Deck: 15/10/2007: Flash: Swing Low
– Martyn See: One Country, Two Systems – Part ll
– Singabloodypore: In Singapore even one person cannot hold a protest
– Angry Doctor: Cow Dung 4

Life, the universe and everything
– nussu the ridge online: Afterthoughts: The Interdisciplinary Forum for climate change
– Ian on Singapore: Why All Of Us Should Not Have Children
– Simple is the Reason of my Heart: The Birthday Problem
– Abao: Buangkok Station

– ONE (SINGAPORE): Stand Up & Speak Out Against Poverty
– International Human Rights & Solidarity: (October 12, 2007) Letter to Singapore President S R Nathan regarding Dr. Chee Soon Juan and political freedoms in Singapore [PDF Warning]

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36 Responses to Daily SG: 17 Oct 2007

  1. Who the fish that the stupid Brotherhood think they are?
    How dare they attack Mr Brown.
    We want to petition that you take down the Brotherhood posts since they are responsible for the demise of Intelligent Singaporean.

  2. We have posted a comment in this post, by the brotherhood.

    We want to know why our idol, Mr Wang has not been mentioned in their list of notable bloggers above Mr Brown. Why are they trying to eradicate the existence of Mr Wang from the blogosphere?

    Can Darkness and his bunch of minions please offer us an explanation?

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  4. observer says:

    I tell you what, it is very simple Mr Wang Fan club and posters, you work your way up to top 3 most popular read, then I will get darkness to come here and answer whatever questions you pose.

    As it is how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

    There are more brotherhood supporters camping here than you can possibly imagine.

  5. Aurora says:

    As a brotherhood supporter, Darkness is wrong not to answer the question. I am so ashamed of his hypocrisy.

    Observer is just a dog for Darkness….

    So, can I ask a question to Darkness? Why did you not mention Mr Wang?

    We can start an internal civil war here and destroy this place like the way we did for Intelligent Singaporean..

    Long live the Brotherhood Press.

  6. observer says:

    Dear Webmaster of Singapore Daily.

    “Aurora Says:
    October 17th, 2007 at 7:03 pm ”

    This is a FAKE, now you why Singapore Daily, we post using ONLY the Genuie account.

    Pls kindly erase or insert the adjunct, (impersonator).

    Do try harder, you really think, the man wrote something like this without expecting crap like this? LOL.

    You just don’t know Bambi Darkness then.



  7. observer says:

    Dear Webmaster of the Singapore Daily,

    Now you know why we regularly channel ALL brotherhood communications using ONLY one IP.



  8. ZenandtheartofMotorcycleMaintenance says:

    You know, this is exactly what the authorities want – dissension among its critics. I’ve been part of many online communities and I can say ours (bloggers) is the most fractured. Sharing the same enemy and ideals curiously hasn’t been enough to bring us together.

    I’ve read the article and I enjoyed it. Although I too don’t agree with the list of blogs mentioned (it’s too short, there should be more), but to discredit the whole article just because it didn’t mention your favourite blogger is stupid. Argue/debate whatever you don’t agree with but give credit where credit is due. It is a good article.

    And as for threatening a blog for publishing/linking something you don’t agree with (#1 and #2 “supposed” fans of Brown and Wang), it stinks of the methods the authorities dish out whenever they feel threatened. Shame on you.

  9. Aurora says:

    How can you condone Darkness of such actions?

    I am from the Brotherhood Press. You, Observer is the imposter.

    We use different IPs….

  10. Anti-Brotherhood says:


    Perhaps, you should ask the Brotherhood how they threaten moderate bloggers on other blogs. You know, these guys were begging people to acknowledge them and posting their trash on Fiona Xie’s post.

    Their IPs have been mapped and definitely not from the same source. Even Observer have to lie on this.

    Darkness: Please tell me why Mr Wang is not being mentioned in your post. CAN YOU TELL ME WHY? Does that sound familiar (like yourself in IS) ranting like a mad dog? Simply because it is thrown back on you.

  11. The Council of the Monkeys says:

    We have been reading BP posts like faithful readers, but we are baffled on why Darkness failed to mention Mr Wang. Maybe he’s just jealous of Mr Wang like the way he bashed Mr Brown. We know that the Brotherhood has been ignored by many prominent bloggers for their silly and rubbish comments.

    Darkness, Observer and Aurora, all the same person….

  12. observer says:

    “Aurora Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 1:21 am”

    LOL, another fake. You better start moderating webmaster. Pls don’t blame us, if it goes out of control.

    “these guys were begging people to acknowledge them”

    Sorry lah, they already have the readers, don’t believe me go and check up with Singapore Daily.

  13. Observer says:

    Well, the Singapore Daily people will come clean with the IPs of the Brotherhood.

    Aurora, stop being a bitch.

  14. Dr Lee Tat Boon says:


    I see that Darkness is in the wrong this time round.
    Why target Mr Brown?

  15. KOHO (line break) says:

    This hit you hard didn’t it? It really hurts this time. I know.

  16. KOHO says:

    Dear SD webmaster,

    We can help you to clean up the site, but will strongly advise you to institute ‘moderation.’

    This is a very small matter to us, only pls understand, we cannot be held responsible for this.

    Thank You



    Dear Regular Readers

    We have instituted reader verification code, please use it when posting in future on the genuie, many thks


  17. Passerby says:

    This happens when the Brotherhood stirs shit on others’ blog.
    The SGD should look at how Darkness spam the Fiona Xie thread with his rubbish.

    Darkness: Why are you wasting your time with reader verification code? Why not spam more?

  18. Council of the Wise says:


    This is enough. Go back to your hellhole.

    Councilor Vollariane (Representative of the Council of the Wise)


    (Apex: 329002 / Primus Aldentes Prime – 3773290 / Earth 22-7-07)

    Reader verification code: 252

  19. KOHO says:

    All we are doing is protecting our identities which we have a means of doing, but you need to consider what are you trying to accomplish by assuming our identities?

    Are you trying to punish SD for carrying our articles? As for Fiona Xie site, it commands a readership.

    As I mentioned, we are not spamming anyone, if you really want to talk to darkness pls go to WOS, but I suspect you don’t want too, bc you cannot face him.

    Go there if you are man enough, we can do this the whole night, if you want.

    What really are you trying to accomplish here? Do you actually believe for one moment you may even stop us here?

    Reader verification code: 378

  20. KOHO says:

    “Council of the Wise Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 2:20 am”


    Reader verification code: 504

  21. KOHO says:

    We will get your IP, trust me Ned, we will.

  22. KOHO says:

    I am fine, where I am, it’s 3.00 pm, so we can go on and on and on. Don’t mind, if I catch up with latest baseball games do you.

    Reader verification code: 756

  23. Passerby says:

    Is it just me or is it Brotherhood’s verification is +128 to the last number?

    Next one: 886.

  24. KOHO says:

    It hurts. It must really hurt this time. He damaged you didn’t he?

    Reader verification code: 882

  25. KOHO says:

    I give up, go and catch baseball

    Reader verification code: 882

  26. KOHO says:

    It hurts, it must really hurt. I understand. Really I do. He really smashed it didn’t he? Is that why you fear him so?

    reader verification code: 1134/9

  27. darkness says:

    Webmaster of Singapore Daily,

    This is most regrettable. As you can see for yourself, there are certain elements who are out to disrupt your site and our communications by impersonating us and even some of our readers.

    We can offer some protection if you wish.

    However, let us ask, why are they doing this?

    Fear, I can even sense it. It simply means you are doing a very good job and we hitting the right place.

    They have given their position away, that is most unwise. A worthy adversary would have masked their intentions and timed it, they have done neither, so we know, who they are so we will simply have to do what needs to be done.

    Again, may I offer my regrets, I hope this will not discourage or distract you as you are doing a very good job.

    Yours Sincerely

    Darkness 2007

  28. shoestring says:

    “Fearfully Opinionated: a quiet contemplation” is a very good article. Highly recommended.

  29. Sitis says:

    Hi, SG Daily,

    Very sorry for the unfortunate commotion.

    By the way another new article:

    “When 8 out of 10, Just means 8 out of 10”


    Thanks for everything.


  30. g says:


    This site will not reveal any IPs. We value the privacy of everyone. We do not delete comments unless it makes sense to (eg. indiscriminate spamming). I think we have a pretty good idea who is who. We’ll deal with it soon. Now let’s have admin get back to putting up today’s updates.

  31. prima delli says:

    Whatever it is. What comes across very clearly is this. Every time the brotherhood makes head way, there is always a certain group who go around stirring all sort of nonsense to discredit and smear their name. In the past it has worked bc darkness was not directly involved and it was left to many of the hot heads in the bro to manage. This time, it will not be so simple, he will take the fight directly to you.

    On this I can more or less guarantee you 100%. As a regular brotherhood press reader, I would like to thank you whoever, you happen to be, because it just means their productivity has just bee double!

    Many thanks


  32. jujube says:

    This whole thing is incredibly silly, because you know what the brotherhood will do don’t you Mr Super Imposter.

    They will just ram up their output by double or triple.

    And dont think that hack darkness is going to spend more time writing, he isn’t, it will still be 20 min cut off as far as he is concerned.

    Only there will be others under him who will come under increased pressure to turn out the goodies.

    You’re just making them stronger idiot! You’re just increasing their territory. You’re just making them more adaptable.

    Thanks alot, really appreciate it. Why don’t we have another round again, that way there will only be one thing to read in the whole of blogosphere.

    You are such an idiot, you have no idea how incredibly stupid, you really are. Do have a bad day.

  33. darkness says:

    Be cool!

  34. Jojoba says:

    Long live the Brotherhood who will come up stronger by generating more and more posts to flood the whole blogosphere.

    Anyone who thinks that we can be stopped are idiots.

    As a brotherhood fan, my primary function is to sing praises and help the Brotherhood Press to spread their word.

    I am so ashamed of myself for joining the Brotherhood.

    The most incredibly stupid people are the Brotherhood followers.

    We wait for the new trashy pieces coming from Darkness (who claims that he has XX patents – but don’t know which mental institution he comes from) and his dopplegangers, Sitis, Observer, Aurora and Dr Lee Tat Boon.

    Jujube and Primagal: You forgot your verification code. You two imposters of the Brotherhood Press.

  35. darkness says:


    How are you man? You know what some people actually think, I planted you here. Serious, bc they believe the bro-hood is essentially a war economy, that means it needs ‘enemies’ and if none exist, it will just bankrupt itself, so by hook or by crook, ‘enemies’ real and imagined need to be conjured – otherwise the whole system will just come crashing down!

    You know what, they are right!

    You saved my ass in more ways that you can possibly imagine Jojoba, you know I was supposed to hitch up with a kingpin reader girl, real top drawer material, but I had spot of cold feet, so I pedaled away and left her standing literally on the pier! Since, then I have been getting dead threats, voodoo dolls with 4 inch nails being delivered to my mailbox like no one’s business, but since you started your run, you know what Jojoba? It’s all suddenly stopped, thanks to you, I’ve managed to even escape hitching up with Scimitar.

    I tell you what, you just keep on doing what you do so well, because you have absolutely no idea how you are just making my life here into a highway. Please don’t stop because if you do, my gravy choo choo train grinds to a halt.

    In fact, I am so indebted to you Jojoba, I am going to award you the posthumous award of the silver roach – the highest award in the bro-hood for bravery shown in the face of adversity.

    Thank you and keep up the good work – remember make it look real.You have no idea, how grateful, I am. Meanwhile I remain yours truly, your dear unfortunate – darkness 2007

  36. darkness says:


    Pls lah. don’t be like that lah. Pls don’t stop. Whatever you want I give, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t stop.

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