Daily Tech: Nvidia vs Ati

Excerpts from Tom’s Hardware:
– While the Geforce 8800 GTX /Ultra performance lead over the Radeon 2900 XT and the Geforce 8800 GTS was not as pronounced under Windows XP/DirectX 9, they offer between 50 and 100 percent more performance than these cards under Vista/DirectX 10. These cards pack a major punch and still have some performance reserves.

– Of the mid-range cards Geforce 8800 GTS and the Radeon HD 2900 XT, the Geforce 8800 GTS 320 has a minor advantage in performance and a major one in pricing, while the 8800 GTS 640 is much quieter when compared to the 2900 XT.

– The Geforce 8600 currently looks like the better choice than the Radeon 2600.

– The Geforce 8400 GS, 8500 GT and Radeon HD 2400 all run DirectX 10 game flawlessly without FSAA and with graphics quality setting no higher than medium to achieve playable frame rates.

Read the full report at Toms Hardware

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4 Responses to Daily Tech: Nvidia vs Ati

  1. Elia Diodati says:

    A little ad for GPGPUs: in the high performance computing world, nVIDIA’s GeForce 8 series chipsets (such as in the 88000) are at least a year ahead of ATI’s best offerings. nVIDIA has APIs and a fully programmable interface (CUDA) for GPGPU programming; API currently has nothing (for now, people still have to emulate OpenGL calls in order to do any computing).

    At 300++ Gflops GPUs are now the best bang for the computing buck, being far superior to CPUs (~3 Gflops) in terms of raw computing power available.

  2. hezman says:

    Well, ATI has the CTM and I wouldn’t call that nothing. What’s interesting is that ATI has chosen the open source route while Nvidia has gone for the proprietary form with CUDA. Certainly on the performance front the green camp is eating the reds for breakfast but in the HPC arena where extensibility and integration are key considerations hopefully ATI might just give Nvidia a harder time.

    On another note, its no surprise the 8800 GTX and Ultra are costing an arm and a leg when there’s no substitute in its performance/price range. Remember the dark days before the K5.

  3. oldman says:

    I remember paying an arm and a leg to change from a 486dx2-66 to a pentium-66 with a mighty s3 svga card hehe

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