Daily SG: 12 Oct 2007

The prehistoric tree trunk
Source: My sketchbook

Pink Issues
– The Legal Janitor: Repeal s377a! A matter of conscience
– Urbanrant: We should support the Repeal377a.com petition!
– The Online Citizen: Parliamentary petition to repeal 377A: not just any other petition
– Siew Kum Hong: NMP to present petition to repeal anti-gay law to Parliament

Burmese Protests
– Beautiful to Behold: The Burma Experience – Lessons for Singaporeans
– Pseudonymity: To Singaporeans: Send George Yeo A Message
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Regime Change not the answer for Myanmar : MM Lee
– Ian on Singapore: Minister George Yeo Shares His Views On Myanmar

The LKY Interview
– This lush garden within: Singapore happy to rejoin Malaysia – not SingaporeANS
– Presenting the(new)mediaslut!: Print media gets suggestion from MM Lee to stay ahead
– My Singapore News: Singapore Malaysia reunion
– HWZ: MM Lee speaks about idea of Singapore—Malaysia reunion once again

Daily Discourse
– All and Sundry Singapore: Transparency and Good Governance to Satisfy Singaporeans and Retain Talents
– Looking for LaLaLand: City of Possibilities or City of Hypocrisy?
– This lush garden within: Singapore is a stepping stone for foreign students
– e pur si muove: Singapore’s image problem, and scholarships
– Moral Property: S$2.03B p.a. naughty business.
– Hear ye! hear ye!: Argumentum ad hominem
– This lush garden within: Town councils investing in stock market
– New Domain: PSLE Complaints
– A long and arduous road of an entrepreneur: Thoughts About Nuffnang Incident
– Ian on Singapore: The Conspiracy Theory About Dr Chee

Life, the universe and everything
– e pur si muove: Facing Mecca in space: An exercise in spherical geometry
– eastcoastlife: Why do some gorgeous guys go for average or ugly women?
– Times of My Life: That A&W I Knew

Odex Update
– The FØØL’s Progress: Get Rea! – The ODEX Saga
– Gatou?: Odex Saga on Get Real – Channel News Asia Programme

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3 Responses to Daily SG: 12 Oct 2007

  1. Pseudonymity says:

    Thank you very much SG Daily. :-)

  2. Sitis says:

    Thank you SG Daily, Well done; Nice work.

    Another new article: “Why it will be tough for a Singapore to beat the Jews at the Nobel Prize?”


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