Daily ChioBu: Andrea Fonseka

Andrea Fonseka, 22 was born in Penang. Crowned Miss Malaysia Universe in 2004, she was, due to her size at the time, rather unkindly dubbed the most chubby Miss Malaysia Universe in the pageant’s history. A deal with Marie France changed everything. The 180cm beauty shed her extra kilos and her star has since risen steadily. She is currently a final-year law undergrad in NUS, and can be seen on the covers of numerous magazines and on TV shows.

More pictures after the break.

Andrea Fonseka links:
Andrea Fonseka’s blog
Official website

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7 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Andrea Fonseka

  1. J-Idol says:

    Malaysia boleh! Why no pictures of her chubby days? Can someone post the links to those?

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  4. Photo Teddy says:

    Wah… FHM’s photo skill finally improve ah?!

    Last time they take photo all come out flat one.

  5. Jenn says:

    Thats not a few kilos, thats easily 10 kilos or so compared to now!

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