Daily SG: 11 Oct 2007

Burmese Protests
– Yawning Bread: Burma: don’t rule out sanctions
– Chemical Generation Singapore: The 5th Man
– The Online Citizen: Something is Rotten in the State of Singapore
– A Tattooed Blog: A disease called Chee
– Beyond SG: The Only Game in Town

Pink Issues
– Yawning Bread: Petition to the prime minister: repeal 377A now
– The Online Citizen: 377A – To prevent what harm?
– Joie de Vivre: What Say You To Decriminalizing Section 377A?
– I rock, you suck: Law

Bus Companies Up Fares
– Singapore Life and Times: The lounge of a bus
– Ian on Singapore: I Think I Have Just Been Called A Whiner

Daily Discourse
– What Others Say?: The Incredible Dumbness Of Being – Being Dumb In An Intelligent Age
– Sheep City: You are oh so unclassy!
– Oikono: What Makes State-Owned Investment Funds a State Threat?
– nofearSingapore: Why No Singaporean question and no Singaporean marches

Life, the universe and everything
– Good Morning Yesterday: I Remember Mandai Camp
– thegreatsze: “Aiyah, That Guy, Book Smart Only Lah”
– The News World Disorder: Capitaland to Acquire F&N’s Property Arm?
– Pixelated Love: LOLsXA [Some of the gems of wisdom uttered by our PAP MPs and ministers]

– I.Z. Reloaded: Tom Plate and Jeffrey Cole interview Lee Kuan Yew
– SingaporeProfit.com: Singapore’s GDP increases by 6.4%

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6 Responses to Daily SG: 11 Oct 2007

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  2. blacktshirt says:

    Hi SgDaily,

    If SDP’s intentions were to provide the Burmese with an outlet. do they have to resort to sensationalism?

    See http://www.singaporedemocrat.org/articleburmaprotest23.html

    The photos were actually from Insurgency in Southern Thailand Pattani. See the originals here http://www.zombietime.com/thai_jihad_photos/

    Sheer sensationalism

  3. Pseudonymity says:

    Dear SG Daily,

    I was hoping you could share this with your readers. Its a campaign by Avaaz.org to get Singaporeans to send 3000 email messages to George Yeo in 24hrs: http://pseudonymity.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/to-singaporeans-send-george-yeo-a-message/

    Thank you. :-)

  4. The Singapore Daily says:

    Thanks for the links guys.

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