Daily Tech: Ipod vs Zune

Ipod vs Zune
– engadget: Zune vs. iPod specification smackdown
– Gizmodo: Zune vs. iPod: The Final Word On Who Should Get Your Money
– Dapreview.com Zune vs iPod vs ZVM Comparison Chart

Tech Talk
– Wired: Fans Paying Close to Retail for Pricing-Optional Album
– VGM Watch: Eliminate the Positive (or “The Only Negative Review of Halo 2 You’re Ever Likely To Read”)
– Joystiq: Nega-review: Halo 3
– Hot Hardware: The State of DirectX 10 – Image Quality & Performance
– PC Perspective: DirectX 10 Gaming Performance Review – High End GPUs
– eWeek.com: IE 7 Update Drops WGA Validation Requirement
– infoSync World: Hands-on with the LG Voyager touch screen TV phone

SG Tech
– reHASHplus: Queensway Shopping Centre, Sim Lim Square and sky-high rentals in Singapore
– theory.isthereason: The Spectrum: Blogging as a means of reaching students
– Urbanrant: Ebay’s massive writedown of Skype’s valuation serves as timely reminder
– A tiny blip in the continuum: Trillian Astra comes to the Mac
– Endoh: The Facade of Web 2.0 – Part 1 Part 2
– Ian on Singapore: PopOut Fizzles Out?

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  3. numbness says:

    celebrity deathmatch, i love it. is bill in a skirt? lol

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