Daily SG: 9 Oct 2007

Burmese Protests
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Caught in the Crossfire
– The Online Citizen: 4 SDP members arrested outside Istana
– Pseudonymity: 24-hour Protest Outside Istana Cut Short by Arrests
– Singapore Patriot: Sydney Morning Herald article on Singapore “disproportionate, unbalanced…misleading”
– Looking through the eyes of: Let’s get real
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Peace for Burma…..
– HWZ: S’pore denies MONEY LAUNDERING Myanmar leaders.
– sgForums: SDP leaders hold protest outside Istana Oct 8 Monday

Bus Companies Up Fares
– The Ignorantsoup: Minister explains why bus fares cannot remain unchanged
– Urbanrant: A little bus fare increase won’t hurt you! Just like a little open politics won’t hurt Singapore either
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Dear Transport Minister
– Singapore Life and Times: Private Business
– VR-Zone: Minister explains why bus fares cannot remain unchanged

Pink Issues
– Balderdash: Why we shouldn’t campaign for 377A’s repeal

Daily Discourse
– Musings: The New Sexual Grooming Law Part 1 Part 2
– The Universe Within: First World : An a good article
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Thinking about FOA through Freedom of Movement
– Welcome to Mad: Blogs: A Rising Political Force in Singapore?
– Disgruntled S’poreans: Not treating Burmese murderous Junta is against Hippocratic Oath, but making sick S’poreans accept earlier death due to cost issues is not!
– The online Citizen: President Star Charity – where’s the missing $840,000?
– empty_vessels: How exactly NOT to answer a question.
– Urbanrant: Is it time to be honest with ourselves and open the books to Singaporeans?
– Singapore Alternatives: Constitutional Right to Peaceful Assembly
– sgForums: Minister Raymond Lim was stumped by residents’ query on ERP.
– SPUG: More ERP on the way??

Life, the universe and everything
– Mr Wang Says So: The SAF goes to India

– Half a Bunny and the Salmon of Doubt: SPCA World Animal Day: Adventure at ECP
– theory.isthereason: Vote for me: Help me win a Blogging Scholarship (worth $10k)!

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9 Responses to Daily SG: 9 Oct 2007

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  3. veronicatan says:

    We will never vote for you Mr Kevin Lim and I belive you know the reason why.

    Why don’t you go and ask the Singapore Daily how many of us there are here?

    You will find for once, we all happily add up to form what you so quaintly described as “the folks at The Singapore Daily national aggregator.”

    Luck? Yes you will definitely need all that you can muster.

    ta, ta


  4. Squarepants says:

    Oh can’t we all just be friends? :) +1 from me, good luck Kevin.

  5. Sitis says:

    Hi, SG Daily,

    One new post ” The Incredible Dumbness of Being – Being Dumb In An Intelligent Age”:


    For your info, please. Thanks always.

  6. guppy says:

    Don’t need it Sitis. Too confusing to navigate. Besides too many post in the aggregated sites, best to just post it in Fiona’s thread, makes navigation alot easier, don’t have to wade thru stuff, I dowan.

  7. science guppy says:

    This way the SD get what they want. Sitic, you get want you want and so do all of us. They only ppl who don’t get it are those space boys, but how can you force ppl to read in only one way?

    This is the best way.

  8. dorothy says:

    Have you considered Sitis what happens if the Brotherhood invade your site proper? When it happens you can even go to the UN, they don’t care. We are all doing this to perserve the status quo. This way, they are likely to stay and not run around too much hopefully.

    Cheerio & very good job you are doing! Do keep it up!

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