Daily SG: 8 Oct 2007

Burmese Protests
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Sanctions or Not against Burma?
– The Daily Backtrack: “Petty indignities”, I like that phrase
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burmese Sanction Unnecessary?
– Winter is Coming: Much Ado About Exploitation
– Pseudonymity: 24-hour Protest Today Outside The Istana
– The Online Citizen: Chee Soon Juan’s ‘exploitation’ of the Burma situation?
– Singapore Patriot: Rational and pragmatic foreign policy does not mean it always works
– What Others Say?: One World, One Understanding, One Heart, But Please Keep Your Problems To Yourself?
– Sheep City: The Devil’s advocate
– The Online Citizen: Myanmar Peace Awareness Day in university campuses
– Random Thoughts of a Free Thinker: 《三大学学生“关心缅甸和平”》/ “Local university students care about peace in Myanmar”
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Why the ST often smells like a MIW lackey
– The Online Citizen: Worldwide advertisement in Financial Times to stop brutal crackdown on Burmese protesters
– Urbanrant: Hippocratic Oath of doctors or Hypocrite’s Oath of politicians?
– The Void Deck: ST censorshit! Jialat! SDP sabo! Honggan!
– nussu the ridge online: Two NUS campuses, two different responses

CPF & Annuities
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: Compulsory annuities give the rich spare change in twilight years?
– The Universe Within: Hijacking the Debate?
– Yours Truly Singapore: Avoiding two Singapores, remaining one family
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: The Mathematics of Pension Fund Returns….
– Perspective Unlimited: A Simple Welfare Analysis of Borrowers and Savers

Daily Discourse
– Yours Truly Singapore: We have to be different to survive, says MM
– Yours Truly Singapore: Good leaders can’t always be popular: President
– mrbrown: Who is a Singaporean?
– Balderdash: Muslims in Singapore don’t take a critical approach to their holy texts and history
– Simple is the Reason of my Heart: Further than Closer to a First World Nation

Life, the universe and everything
– theboyinthereflection v2.1: page 10: the minister strikes back
– Intelligently Retarded: Think you’re very big? THINK AGAIN!(picture of rotating Flyer)

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5 Responses to Daily SG: 8 Oct 2007

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  3. Agagooga says:

    Thanks for the link, but it’s “Balderdash” :)

  4. The Singapore Daily says:

    Corrected. Thanks ^_^

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