Daily ChioBu: Chisato Morishita

Morishita Chisato 森下千里 began her career as Japanese Race Queen, modeling for photobooks and as a promo girl at automobile exhibitions. Riding on her popularity, she moved to acting and singing, releasing an album entitled “Natural”.

Pictures after the break.

More Chisato Morishita pictures:
Chisato Morishita – ‘Poison’ Photobook [NSFW]
Chisato Morishita Photobook [NSFW]
PhotoForum.org: Chisato Morishita [NSFW]
– Flickr: Chisato Morishita [NSFW]

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4 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Chisato Morishita

  1. J-idol fan says:

    The chatacters in her name in Chinese means “thousand miles under the forest”, deep….

  2. Trout says:

    forest down 1000 miles? she has really hairy pubes then, hahaha

  3. Xboy says:

    Trout, people talk about names, you turn it to pubes haha

  4. El DE says:

    Gorgeous!!! I’m on one knee right now, practicing…

    El DE

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