Daily SG: 5 Oct 2007

Burmese Protests
– Martyn See: One Country, Two Systems
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Political Opportunity amidst the Human Tragedy
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Simply, Please Stop
– Singapore Patriot: What are your priorities, Mr Policeman?
– The Void Deck: Protest..paiseh paiseh,..PETITION, outsides Burma Embassy
– ringisei: Sg’s Myanmar policy is rational and pragmatic
– Random Thoughts of A Free Thinker: New Villages, Strategic Hamlets & Myanmar…
– ash’ventures: Burmese Prime Minister Soe Win is dead
– Zuco’s Blog: Gambari in Myanmar
– Kelvin Quee: ASEAN’s Inaction on Burma / Myanmar
– Chemical Generation Singapore: WP on Burma
– Making Sense – The Free Man: Monks in Myanmar, Genocide in Iraq
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burmese Regime Is More Brutal Than Marcos
– Beautiful to Behold: ASEAN vs Myanmar – Too Little Too Late.
– Pseudonymity: Oct 6 – Global Demonstrations Against Brutal Burmese Junta
– Global Voices Online: Myanmar: “Oh yeah, everything is fine”
– SG_Ljers: Myanmar Massacre
– sgForums: Petition-signing at Burmese embassy in Singapore
– sgForums: Ang Moh can stage protest in Singapore, Singaporeans cannot?
– sgForums: Exposed: sum of S’pore govt’s real investments in Burma
– Coffee Shop Talk: ST fake news…again

CPF & Annuities
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: CPF for SIngaporeans!!!!
– My Singapore News: Annuities – More statistics
– Urbanrant: Statistics show annuities’ risk-pooling model may disadvantage poor old-old

Pink Issues
– repeal337a.com: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Daily Discourse
– Creative Spark: What Tom Cruise Can Teach Singapore About The Law
– Mr Wang Says So: Why We Should Be Foreigners
– Mr Wang Says So: Learn, People, Learn.
– HWZ: better pay, prospects for new mid-career teachers?
– sgForums: Li Ao is right – Singaporeans lack quality as a people

Life, the universe and everything
– Singapore Life and Times: Connecting with your audience
– My Very Own Glob: The difference between nice and polite
– Presenting the(new)mediaslut!: MediaCorp TV awards Ang Peng Siong 2, not 1, “Olympic Gold” medals
– The Field Marshal: Feeling Connected

– The eOK .network: Philippines body parts sale documentary by Singapore students
– Enblocing Singapore: Amendment to En Bloc Sale Legislation Take Effect On 4th October 2007

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