Daily ChioBu: FHM Girl Next Door 2007

Here’s a relook at the FHM Singapore Girl Next Door 2007 top 10 finalists.

The Singapore Daily has moved to a new address http://singaporedaily.net.
All chiobu’s have gone over as well. Visit us at our new home!

This post’s new location: http://singaporedaily.net/2007/10/03/daily-chiobu-fhm-girl-next-door-2007/

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6 Responses to Daily ChioBu: FHM Girl Next Door 2007

  1. bizaroo says:

    Wow, no. 7 Linda Theresia is H U G E !!! I’m getting a nose bleed….

  2. chillycrabs says:

    Bro, #5 is even bigger. But Lucinda still the best lah. She deserves the title. You can see her in the Fabulous Tan ad.

  3. Xboy says:

    If you look carefully, it seems like they already decided Lucinda should win right from the start. See the top 100 she is the last contestant. Top 10 list she again last. Cooincidence? Or everything was engineered for her to leave a lasting impression so readers will remember and vote for her.

  4. The Singapore Daily says:

    Hi boys, Lucinda’s pictures are up. Get your tissues..

  5. Xboy says:

    I hope you meant its for Bizaroo’s nose bleed…

  6. abi says:

    i like to find girl freind.

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