Daily SG: 1 Oct 2007

Will kids in Myanmar celebrate Children’s day today?…

Burmese Protests
– Beautiful to Behold: Free Burma! 04th October 2007!
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: On Burma
– ringisei: Dissecting the Statement by the ASEAN Chair
– Singapore Patriot: Singaporean intentionally shot by Myanmar police; Japanese journalist apparently shot point blank
– Benjamin Cheah, TOC: Singapore’s debt of honour
– The Online Citizen: More than 1,000 gather at Burmese temple in solidarity
– The Online Citizen: Singaporean graduate student files application for Burma protest
– Winter is Coming: The Tragedy that is Myanmar
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Down with the Myanmar Junta!! [TV analysis of fatal Japanese shooting]
– I.Z. Reloaded: Whose side are you on Singapore?
– Disgruntled S’poreans: S’pore and Burma: Web of cash, power and cronies
– Urbanrant: Are Myanmar protestors breaking Singapore laws?
– The States Times: A Serious Disconnect
– Martyn See: By George, do you have blood on your hands?
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Country in a SAD, SAD state….
– What Others Say? The Day It All Came Around – The Unexpected Ouster of Burmese Strong Man Than Shwe!

CPF & Annuities
– The Online Citizen: “That is what we are elected to do” – MP Josephine Teo
– vinyarb’s Xanga site: a case against annuity?
– Feed me to the Fish: Before I die
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: PAP/Straits Times answers critics on CPF!

Pink Issues
– Mr Wang Says So: Honest Words From A Local Christian Boy On Singapore’s Gay Issue

Daily Discourse
– The States Times: A Matter Of Discretion
– Martyne See: Martyn See speaks out on police probe, foreign “interference” and Burma

Life, the universe and everything
– The Universe Within: Woman and Progress

– Earth@sg: 3D Singapore F1 virtual drive and/or youtube!

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8 Responses to Daily SG: 1 Oct 2007

  1. FreeBurmaNow says:

    Thank you Singapore Daily.

  2. y.n. says:

    Please sign the petition to UN to save the people of Burma!


  3. feedmetothefish says:

    Dear SGDaily,

    Thanks for sharing my thoughts on your site. Need to let you know that “Before I Die” is now at http://feedmetothefish.blogspot.com/

    Thank you for featuring Martyn See’s contribution. I salute this young man’s courage and I hope they won’t mess him up again.

    I remember the trauma he went through when he did the CSJ movie.

    Feed Me To The Fish

  4. Pingback: Come on Army! Shoot me! - A Brief History of Deadly Games. « What Others Say?

  5. BeautifulToBehold says:

    Dear SG Daily,

    A thousand thanks for your support. It’s good to note that some Singaporeans have a heart to feel for others’ suffering.

    Great job! Keep it up!


  6. The Singapore Daily says:

    Thank you all for your support. Do visit the blogs featured and leave a comment, even if its just to say “hi” ^_^

  7. Wai Loong says:

    Hi “Singapore Daily”!

    I’m a bit late for your post but here’s my take if you don’t mind…

    Your Question Is:
    “Will kids in Myanmar celebrate Children’s day today?…”

    I don’t see how the other issues here in Singapore will affect children in Myanmar. Besides, any celebration is favorable only when there is peace and prosperity in a country, not in a state of confusion.

    Perhaps, your real intention is to ask:

    “Will parents in Singapore celebrate children’s day today in
    spite of the above economic and social outlook?”

    Just my 2 cents. ;-)

    Anyway, do keep up the insights!

  8. The Singapore Daily says:

    Hi Wai Loong, I added that line just before I clicked “publish”… maybe all the reading got me depressed T_T But thanks for your thoughts!

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