SG Tech: Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 Reviews
– Gamespot: Halo 3 review
– GamePro Reviews Halo 3!
– Game Informer Online: Halo 3, Coming full circle

SG Tech
– theory.isthereason: The Magnitude of Halo: Is this our modern day classics?
– Maestoso Amore: Code XtremeApps competition
– beconfused: Microsoft is in talks to buy Facebook stake
– Shades of Twilight: Just Some Ramblings – MMOs

Tech Talk
– The Inquirer: Apple promises to kill unlocked Iphones
– iSuppli Corp: Teardown Analysis of Latest nano Reveals Extensive Component Changes
– My Digita Life: Download and Install iTunes without QuickTime
– Wired Blogs: Radeon HD 2900 PRO 1GB Out Now: Foot-long Heatsink Optional
– DIYers IT Zone: AMD GAME! Website

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