Daily Tech: TGS 2007

SG Tech
– theory.isthereason: Video: Heard about Pfingo? Kevin chats with the Tech65 crew
– linusNUS: EU think tank recommends unbundling Windows from PCs

– BCCHardware: Samsung 40in. LCD HDTV LN-T4061F [Review]
– Inside HW: LCD Roundup: Something for everyone

– Daily Tech: Early Halo 3 Limited Edition Owners Plagued by Scratched Discs
– Joystiq: Sony’s DualShock 3 is finally official: PS3 gets rumble

TGS 2007, Babes and Cosplayers
– Dailymotion: Tokyo Game Show 2007, walk through
– Gametrailers: TGS2007 Booth Babe Video
– Mr. Destructoid: Mr. Destructoid’s TGS2007 booth babe photos
– Play-asia.com: Booth babes
– Joystiq: TGS cosplayers
– Digitalgames.fr: TGS 07 : Booth Babes

Tecmo won the best booth award. Watch the reason why they won, plus TGS Trailers for MGS4, DMC4, GT5, Soul Calibur 4, White Knight Story, Silent Hill and GT5 after the break.

Tecmo wins with song and dance
– Kotaku: Tecmo Follies

TGS 2007 Sony Game Trailers

Metal Gear Solid 4 – TGS 2007 Trailer ENGLISH

Devil May Cry 4 “TGS 2007” trailer HD

Soul Calibur 4

White Knight Story – Cinematic Trailer

Silent Hill Origins – TGS 2007 Trailer (Full Screen)

Gran Turismo 5 Trailer – Tokyo Game Show 2007 – Playstaion 3

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