Daily ChioBu: Leah Dizon

Leah Donna Dizon リア・ディゾン, a model of Chinese, French, and Filipino origin, was a moderately successful model for import car magazines in the US. She gained a large fanbase overseas, predominantly Asia. Following the advice of her fans, Dizon sent a demo tape to a talent agency in Japan. She was signed up immediately and became an instant celebrity in Japan and many parts of Asia. In October 2006 she released her first photobook followed by numerous commercials, her own debut album and several more photobook exclusives.

More pictures after the break.

More pictures of Leah Dizon:
Official Leah Dizon Website [Japanese]
Leah Dizon Photo Gallery [NSFW]
Leah Dizon on webshots [NSFW]
Leah Dizon 特集ページ [NSFW]

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2 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Leah Dizon

  1. Wilfrid says:

    Good gracious me … this is my favorite post.

  2. mr.Potato says:

    she’s so beautiful
    Misa campo fan site

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