Daily Tech: CGS Controversy

CGS Controversy
– Game Axis: Monday Mayhem: The CGS Controversy!
– GGL Wire: GM wants players to give up 50% of CGS winnings to get drafted
– Got Frag: Trouble in Singapore
– CNET Asia: GCA aftermath–CGS controversy : Kids kicked for profit again?
– CGS Forums: CGS Singapore results
– Urbanrant: Computer gaming in Singapore: Trouble brewing as improper side deals are now alleged
– Thoughts~Thinking~Imagination: CGS Singapoure controversy
– CGS: New Singapore General Manager

Starhub International Connections Capped?
– Starhub Forum: StarHub is capping intl websites to 10-15KB/sec
– HWZ: StarHub is capping intl websites to 10-15KB/sec
– HWZ: Attention: Starhub Maxonline Users /Complaint to CASE or IDA

SG Tech Talk
– bconfused: Apple Sells 1 Millionth iPhone
– theory.isthereason: Marie Digby: Feigning Amateur Status on Youtube and MySpace?
– Darth Grievous: Apple – The Hypocrisy That Don’t Get Hyped About
– Neils Clark: Opening Pandora in Singapore: Dissapointment City
– eOK .network: Article: Reaching bloggers
– Intelligently Retarded: Review: iPod Nano
– Gadgets and Gizmos: iPhone can now be used in Singapore!

– Ian: On Dota : What Dota Tells You About Your Friends. (1)

– Engadget: CEDIA 2007 roundup

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