Daily SG: 13 Sep 2007

Coming Out in SG
– Ned Stark: Otto Fong and To Kill A Mocking Bird
– Fearfully Opinionated: not unreasonable to ask otto fong to take down letter
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Mr. Otto Fong Comes Out in an Open Letter
– Bread Crumbs and candy cottage: Otto Fong Teaches His Students How to Prove the Mathematical Formula, bigotry=stupidity
– lost in york v2.14: Homosexuality, Christianity and Singapore
– Live today as if there’s no tomorrow: coming out of a teacher
– Inferno’s pensieve: A commendable act of bravery
– Signore Kai said… Otto Fang
– Every beat of my heart: Yes hes a teacher in the “best” sch in singapore
– Singapore Boy: So what’s the deal about that RI teacher?
– Random scribblings from the Dreaming: Being an bonsai tree in a forest
– theABYSS: Teacher Gay Hero

Bus Companies Up Fares
– The Online Citizen: Analysis of PTC’s news release on fare increase
– Boleh! Boleh!: Bus Fares Going Up Again in Oct
– Singapore’s Land Transport: More expensive to travel by bus than train

Daily Discourse
– Cherian George: Election regulations vs social networking
– Musings: 377A: The Impending Lacuna
– What others say?: The ‘Right’ to be Gay – Is the problem with him or with me?

Odex Update
– EDMW: AVPAS & ODEX SEXPOSED – ST Forum – Whose interests is Avpas really serving?

Life, the universe and everything
– Ian: Why Are You Religious?

– Insane Polygon: Singapore’s Got Talents
– Kelly Poon: Teaser! Short candy taste for those who are interested! [teaser for Kelly Poon’s new album out 28 Sep 2007]

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6 Responses to Daily SG: 13 Sep 2007

  1. singaporedaily says:

    Moved from About

    Kelvin Says:
    September 12th, 2007 at 11:31 pm e

    Interesting comment on Otto Fong on a friend’s website Singapore Boy


  2. sitis says:

    Editor/Webmaster of Singapore Daily,

    Thanks a lot for inclusion of ‘What Others Say’ in your Daily Discourse. Much appreciated.


    May your kindness and wisdom shine!

    AS IT IS!

  3. Daniel says:

    Thanks for all the work you are doing in aggregating. This is great.

  4. Hi,

    Just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! You have theonlinecitizen’s support… :)

  5. Dentist Jan says:

    Hello SG Daily,

    I just want to tell you, you are doing a very good job.

    I believe most of the B’hood readers are here; don’t know what most of them would have done, if there wasn’t a transit site like this. Most would have been lost, bc the IS closed down so fast.


    This is the latest from darkness bambi bad boy’s take on the Otto Fong issue.

    It reminds me of one of his novels, very drama.

    Thank you so much SG daily for everything ;). Do have a nice day.;)


    Does darkness bambi bad boy have to be so dramatic to the Singapore Angle? ;(

  6. Dentist Jan says:

    No one can kill the B’hood Press, they are like roaches can even survive a full scale nuclear attack. As for their readers we are like the internet, we will find them, one way or another.

    They don’t even need TOC. No need means no need.

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