Daily SG: 12 Sep 2007

Coming Out in SG
– Fridae.com: Singapore teacher removes coming out blog under ministry pressure
– Molly Meek: Uncanny Echoes: Consistency or Striking Staleness?
– Aaron Ng: Regardless of race, language or religion
– Jasper Chen: Letter to Raffles Institution regarding Otto Fong
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Otto – 1; MOE – 0
– They Might Be Curly Giants!: Teacher Comes Out Of Closet, Blog Post Disappears
– Mr Wng Says So: This Man Is A Hero
– The Void Deck: So hard to be happy (gay) in Sg
– SPUG: RI Teacher Coming Out
– Coffee Shop Tak: Teacher Deletes Posting becasue of MOE?

Bus Companies Up Fares
– Simply Jean: Hear ye! Hear ye! The hike has come! Time to build an ark!
– The lush garden within: GST up, bus fares up, what’s up next?
– EDMW: Adult bus Fare Up from Oct….
– sgForums: Fare hike for public transport in October?
– VR-Zone: Bus fares to go up by 1 to 2 cents from Oct 1
– EDMW: knn, transpork increase again!!

Daily Discourse
– Molly Meek: Casualties of a Progress that Isn’t
– Blueheeler: Money where your mouth is
– Jaron: What is your favourite Sg PAP MP’s quotes?

Life, the universe and everything
– My Play Pen: The unenlightened society Part 2
– Endoh: Remembering 911, Remembering them…

– Singapore Angle: The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ: Die die must watch!
– Student Blog Project: Local Hosting vs Overseas Hosting [II], [III]
– Notes from the heart: How Ikea makes customers feel important

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2 Responses to Daily SG: 12 Sep 2007

  1. faraway says:

    But you can’t get more obvious than this:


    I mean if this isn’t obvious I dont know what is then, but what do you really expect? Technically, they are still at war with Singapore Angle et al.

    But this site is definitely getting alot of navigation hits from BP readers.

    Now you know why it has to be obvious. Understand? And to believe you NEVER read blogs, shame on you.

    How did I know?

  2. Ed says:

    Thank you for the mention. :) Hope fellow Singaporeans learn from this disaster not to be too complacent.

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