SG Daily Special: Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids and bicycles

“…Prof Ho retorted: ‘If you listened very carefully Mr Low, I don’t know whether his hearing aid is with him because he wears one, I said there is a greater potential for law and order. You may be well-behaving, but there may be other people whom you come across when you cycle who may stop you, may want to debate with you and that may attract a crowd, and therefore will result in problems the police want to avoid.’…”

The Straits Times: Outdoor events by political parties banned
Aug 28, 2007, Jeremy Au Yong

Music from the Masses
– Mr Brown: Police: outdoor gatherings by political parties in open areas potentially dangerous
– Decay On Net: Workers’ Party should not be allowed to hold cycling event
– Urbanrant: Police cannot ensure safety and order in Opposition’s outdoor event, so reject application
– My life is a yoyo: Mr Ho, I know lah WP cyclists talk about politics in East Coast…
– Worm in the Big Apple: That was a low blow, man.
– Sleek’s Site: So disgracing!
– Shmoo.: Welcome to the I-will-vote-for-a-monkey-over-you club
– My Bitching Area: Surprise, surprise… NOT!
– nofearSingapore Singapore-City of im-Possibilities

Forum Chat
– HWZ: Childish remarks from our high pay minster?
– ST Discussion Board: Outdoor political events should be allowed
– sgForums: Police Reject Permit For Workers’ Party’s Cycling Event
– Coffee Shop Talk: Loser PAP MP hits below the belt

Words From Hougang
– The Hammersphere: Nonsensical arguments from a Minister Of State
– A Singapore Odyssey: “Hearing aid” remarks unbecoming
– The Itch To Write: Permit for WP Cycling event was declined…”City of Impossibilities”
– 包容性社会?优雅社会?
– The Wheel’s Still In Spin: An uncouthed minister…an abject disgrace to Singaporeans

– 政党户外活动可能引起骚乱 工人党申请脚踏车活动被拒
– ST Forum: Govt’s call for greater civic role has clear limits

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38 Responses to SG Daily Special: Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids and bicycles

  1. Lilian says:


    Thanks for the link and I had added u into my page too.

  2. singaporedaily says:

    Lilian, thank you for your support ^_^

  3. DARKNESS LIVES! says:

    darkness is lives! See for yourself, if you do not believe me!

    I told you all, he will return, I am observer, the longest reader in the brotherhood.

    Yours Trully


  4. DARKNESS LIVES! says:

    See comment: September 3rd, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    See for yourselves, if you do not believe me!

    Yours Trully

    Observer (The longest readers of the brotherhood)

  5. Fiona Xie says:


    Thank you very much. It’s true darkness & co is alive.

    I will spread the word, they have gone really underground this time like the old days

    They are hidding in comments.

    Thank you again Obby.



  6. Fiona Xie says:


    I can start a blog and also bring in all the hot shots to really give it a big media boost. Is he interested. I dunno how to contact him.

    This site:

    Looks like some crematorium or grave yard. Aiyoh. I never knew Baby Darkness boy was so drama mama, he should really apply to TCS.

    Thank You again Observer for brightening and bringing light to our world :)



  7. observer says:

    Hi Fiona,

    I don’t want to come across as rude or abrupt, but we get alot of ppl who regularly pretend to be all sort of ppl who they are not.

    Again I don’t want to come across a rude, but can you please supply us your seven digit readership brotherhood code.

    I promise you personally, once I receive it, the message will be relayed to darkness ASAP.

    I am sure you can understand.

    Yours truthfully


  8. sghome says:


    why are you writing about this ‘darkness’ here? Is BH a elitist group of hightly english educated Singaporean?

    Why don’t they setup their own blog for fan like you to read and follow?

    If they use their billiance to fight for the underdogs of Singaporean and counter the ‘unpopular’ policies of the PAP goverment which obviously also planned by their billiant scholars. They would definitely be the leaders of the Singapore bloggers.

    Just my cent.

  9. observer says:


    You obviously are not a gaming kaki.

    Everyone knows they are nomads, do you see nomads living in stone houses?

    I don’t know why they don’t blog.

    In the last 5 years maybe they have received 200 offers, but every single time the answer is the same, “we do not blog!”

    But their readers know how to find them – I think they are used to it by now.

    They are have now in this grave site for their fallen comrade Inspired.

    This is how nomads honor those who have fallen, so that his name will live and it shall never ever be forgotten.

    They seem to be very happy there in the comments. No worries, they have so many readers already.

    Every gamer knows the brotherhood are serious people – never screw with them.

    If you screw with them, they will screw with you.

    If you offer them water, they will remember you till the day you die.

    As for PAP or whatever, they don’t care lah.

    They are as far as I know politically neutral – that’s a fact.

    Only 3 things form their code: truth, relief and brotherly love.

    The rest to is not important to them.


    I have checked. Code approved. Pls do not use XXX next time. You know what it means!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However, I regret to inform you darkness is unable to read your mails as he is currently very busy.

    I am very sorry.

    Pls do not consider this a sign of disrespect.

    We wish you happy reading.

    Yours Trully


    PS: Pls note I am the longest reader in the brotherhood.

  10. Fanny says:

    Finding BH is not issue. They already have a big following, getting them to reply is the issue!


  11. shoestring says:


    Isn’t better to be taught how to fish than to be spoonfed all the time?

  12. Carrie says:


    No point. I dont know why you even bothered. He asked for your 7 digit, you supplied = no customer service. You wrote probably 200 e-mails, all you get from the brotherhood press is the same robotic reply: thank you blah blah blah. Again = zero customer service!

    No point, you have better chances of getting a reply from talking to the wall.

    Anyway, I really admire you for trying.

    Love hearts


  13. chiobu says:

    All I know is like transformer like that one day it look like a grave yard the next day.

    You expect us all to believe all this was not planned!

  14. chiobu says:


  15. sitis says:

    Fiona Xie,

    Actually I had intended to leave it AS IT IS!
    But since you have insulted the Darkness, I have decided
    to transform the “graveyard” into a Transformer, a new Aggregator.

    Sometimes hurting words can force a person to become an innovator!
    Thanks a lot for your encouragement and words of kindness.

    It was for Darkness sake,
    though I’ve always wish to remain:

    AS IT IS!

  16. I know the truth about the brotherhood! says:

    Hi Fiona & gals,

    Really admire your courage! However, what we have here is a classic case of, if you are no body pls get lost aka standard brotherhood side step ploy.

    However, if you happen to be a big read group with loads of $ who even have substantial stocks in BH like the lady, Scimitar & Gang, Anongal etc, then you notice, there’s hardly any lag and all the excuses just melt magically away! Funny leh :)

    Infact what you get is First class Orient Express treatment like what Lady received recently – 24 hour service, 100% personal attention from Bambi Bad Boy Darkness. I even heard he waited for 3 hours while she was doing her hair, not come back in 3 hours, but he stood there in the saloon like an obedient doggie chating to her etc.

    Finally it’s clear what we have here is a form of apartheid, class system or pyramid where we have those who can and cannot. Thanks, but no thanks! wtf!

    Fiona next time don’t bother. You will just end up embarrasing yourself! Brownie points for exposing them, bunch of useless users.

    Have a nice day Fiona. Babe. And you have a bad day brotherhood!

  17. observer says:

    Hello all,

    You all need to go and see doctor la.

    No need to work one meh? No need to pay bills? etc.

    All day just blog isit? Where got meaning?

    Even I dont get a proper reply from him, two sentences a month maybe.

    There is no discrimination, I assure you when Fiona’s post reaches the end of the line, it will get a respond – 100%.

    BTW, I dont want to pry, but where did you hear that rumor from?

    Happy Reading

    Yours Trully


  18. PirannahPride says:

    LOL as the longest reader in the BP you mean, you had no idea? Ha! The great darkness is a bag carrier a mall slave LOL. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

    Oh yes, let me see the creatures with the softest insides usually have hard shells dont they? Tell the famous bag carrier, we like the international news section and his latest.

    He should really make a greater effort to engage the BH readers.

  19. PirannahPride says:

    To be fair, the Lady of the Lake is a lauchaiu, so where got fight? LOL – bag carrier!

  20. ABC says:

    Isn’t ‘Words From Hougang’ a bit the obvious?

  21. CBA says:

    That is what I thought as well! Never did reckon him for a bag carrier though?

  22. faraway says:

    What did you really expect from a state of war?

  23. faraway says:

    What did you really expect from a state of war? Every avenue has been cut. Every road has been blocked. Food, water and shelter denied, just because a man asked a very simple question.

    Is this obvious enough?

    They are not going to die. Go to the IS look at the Stat counter there and here, something very strange is happening.

    Their readers are organizing themselves. Is this obvious or what?

  24. tigerlily says:

    “What did you really expect from a state of war? Every avenue has been cut. Every road has been blocked. Food, water and shelter denied…”

    You silly nilly and you believe that will stop the B’hood Press?

    Hello, when has anything stopped those fly boys?

    I just think searching for them is really like finding a needle in a haystack.

    I am sure there must be a simpler way. All my gf’s asked me to come to this site, but really it is like searching in one really large dummy haystack to find one dumber needle. ;)

    Glad to finally find them here Singapore Daily thank you, love and kisses.

  25. (darkness) observer says:


    Webmaster of Singapore Daily,

    I have a com-sat for you, it comes directly from darkness.

    “Let us be clear about a few things. There are some people out to kill the brotherhood press, but they will not succeed.

    Understand this. We have a right to exist in our own way.

    Do not for one moment think, just because there are some people bent on making our life difficult they will manage to succeed in erasing our presence, this is stupidity of the first order i.e by deliberately not mentioning us etc.

    To me there’s no sportsmanship there.

    Besides the last time I checked we are not living in North Korea, where information can be controlled, not successfully at least.

    I don’t doubt in the short term this will make life for us and our readers a little difficult, but in the long term it will just compel us to be more innovative and creative, so you are doing us a favor – thank you very much.

    As for our readers, allow me to just say this, you have a choice to read rubbish or the brotherhood press, its simple economics. Only remember this garbage in and garbage out, so be mindful of what you feed your brain.

    Once you figured that part out, you will know what to do.

    I come in the name of peace only to wish you, the Singapore Daily welcome to blog world.

    Let me be clear, I have no quarrel with you, take my hand of friendship and may I thank you for the hospitality you have given many of our readers.

    – darkness 2007” END

    Primus 9923-92 / Sardonyx Sector.

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  27. (darkness) observer says:

    “This is what I want you to do Singapore dialy, I want look at me.

    Yes, straight in the eyes, I want you to see me.

    Do you understand why it has to be this way?

    The furthest distance distance in this universe is when I am standing before you and you simply do not see or hear me.

    So from tomorrow onwards, I hope you will seriously consider aggregating the brotherhood post – take my hand of friendship and we grow together, I give you my word on this – it is good, very good indeed – ask anyone.

    Do you understand why it has to be this way and no other way?

    There is no other way. Thank you very much – darkness”

    Darkness 2007 Sardonyx Sector / Primus 9988-2309

  28. observer says:


    The council thinks you are gone, like this:

    I am very sorry.

    There is a price on your head in the strangelands dead or alive 500,000 Imperiums.

    Take Care. I am sorry to be a bearer of bad news.

    I just thought you should know.

    That’s what they really think.



    PS: I hope you get this. You sorrounded on all sides darkness.

  29. (darkness) observer says:

    “Singapore Angle has only one unimaginative strategy 孫子.

    To me that is wishful thinking.

    If you want to think like this, then dont blog, you have more to lose and less to gain in either the short or long term.

    Give me a pen and paper, I can even prove it to you!

    This is not new strategy (laugh). How can it be! It is nearly 2,500, so you can imagine who many ways man has figured out to open the durian (laugh)….we will wait them out….meanwhile we will train and train and train and train and train and train.

    And when they come out, then we will have some ad hoc fun with them lah.

    This is how it will be for the next 3 to 5 years, prepare your mind for it – this will be long, dirty and skill will not feature as much as stamina in this equation – darkness”

    Observer / 11-9-07

  30. Fiona Xie says:

    I notice one thing. Whenever he doesnt agree with them. He is mad.

    All I see is a man who is asking a very simple question. Who is even prepared to sacrifice the IS to have the right to ask that one question.

    Sorry, I dont see a mad man.

    Mad people cannot those type of decisions, they just cannot.

    I see one very sane man amongst many mad men.

  31. Hildr says:

    Greetings Darkness,

    My apologies for only just receiving your message. The din of your entourage has made it hard to hear your voice. Your offer of peace and friendship is most kind. This fair abode offers shelter for all, both light and as well as dark. Rest assured we see no benefit in silencing anyone.

    We bid you good health.


  32. JB says:

    So PirannahPride Says: September 11th, 2007 at 11:57 am – he can be house trained to even fetch things hmmmmmmmm!

    Interesting. How fascinating…hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  33. Dentist Jan says:

    “I know the truth about the brotherhood! Says:
    September 10th, 2007 at 11:45 am”

    Observer, I

    I want to know, how true is this! Is this true? This is very serious. Please answer!

  34. bear bear says:

    Good Evening,

    No need to re-confirm. It’s a fact. She was here and he was around, opening doors, pulling out chair, pouring tea. The whole works!

    For God sake, Singapore is just a village. Whenever Lady comes over, she always likes to see the whole gin gang, so many of ladies actually saw Bambi Bad Boy with her.

    Like I said, there is no need for re-confirming.

  35. sayuri says:

    They had dim sum in Crystal Jade in Taka / bambi was there along with 16 other gals / he was very attentive etc / very polite, soft spoken etc / didn’t speak alot very much a listener sort / I noticed all he had was half a char siew pau.

    I don’t think it’s very nice to make fun of him by calling him all sorts of names.

    It’s my first time seeing him, the first thing that struck me abt him were his eyes, they were very sharp and had this X-Ray quality abt them like a hawk. It could be my imagination, but I dont think so, as I felt it a few times.

    He looks like a very shy person, hardly the sort of character that he often comes across on-line.

    A bit uncertain and man child even in the way, he proceeds.

    Or maybe he is just nervous?

  36. Darkness (observer) says:

    “I asked a very simple question in plain English.

    I will get an answer.

    What is the cost? That’s irrelevant, the question you should be asking is what is the cost, if I do not continue to ask the question?

    It will come, tmr or in 10 years time, but always remember, I had the courtesy to ask and ask again I will and as the mathematics of necessity demands, they would either have to pretend they didn’t hear it or to fashion whatever reasons to persuade the rest of you.

    You have to ask yourself – why?

    Who will win? The short answer no one. We have already lost can’t you not see it?

    That’s why we have to continue asking, we have passed the point of no return.”

    Darkness 10-9-07

  37. observer says:

    All mail on this subject will auto-deleted.

    Happy Reading


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