CPF & Annuities

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12 Mar 2008
- Simply Jean: Of CPF schemes…

5 Mar 2008
- Sgpolitics.net: National Lifelong Income Scheme (CPF Life) 2nd Update – My Critique

27 Feb 2008
- The Online Citizen: CPF Life – does it really address retirement needs?
- Random Rants: CPF Tweaks – Compulsory Annuity Scheme (2)

22 Feb 2008
- Coffee Shop Talk: CPF Life – 1st update by sgpolitics [Thanks shoestring]

21 Feb 2008
- Sgpolitics.net: Some back-of-the-envelope CPF Life calculations
- Singapore Property Frontiers: 10 Things You Need to Know About CPF Life

20 Feb 2008
- Sgpolitics.net: A question on CPF Life asked in Sammyboy Coffeeshop forum

18 Feb 2008
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: I hope Refund-80 is enough for McDonald’s Happy Meals!

5 Feb 2008
- Perspective Unlimited: Talking a Policy to Death

4 Feb 2008
- My Singapore News: Trust the govt with your money

1 Feb 2008
- Sgpolitics.net: Committee calls for flexibility in compulsory annuity plan
- SGForums: NTUC to Force 100,000 Low-wage Workers into CPF Scam

13 Dec 2007
- My Singapore News: Medisave Account RA

20 Nov 2007
- The Online Citizen: Why Singaporeans are more pessimistic than their poorer Asian neighbours

13 Nov 2007
- Alice in Wonderland: Review on CPFIS restriction and possible solution

9 Nov 2007
- Die neue Welle: Tales of Mr. Tan III – Inflation.

6 Nov 2007
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Do you understand all the CPF rules?

5 Nov 2007
- Looking through a bovine’s eyes: “Better communication urged to counter Government misinformation, especially from the Straits Times and TODAY”

23 Oct 2007
- All and Sundry Singapore: Earlier payouts may win more Singaporeans over to annuity: SM
- My Singapore News: Making the annuity bullshit real
- sgForums: Set payout age for compulsory annuities at 80 but raise prem

16 Oct 2007
- Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: Can Obituaries Be Used to Gauge Life Expectancy Or Not?

15 Oct 2007
- My Singapore News: Is CPF turning into a robber?
- the-double-0-project.net: $20,000 requirement on CPF OA

8 Oct 2007
- Hear ye! Hear ye!: Compulsory annuities give the rich spare change in twilight years?
- The Universe Within: Hijacking the Debate?
- Yours Truly Singapore: Avoiding two Singapores, remaining one family
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: The Mathematics of Pension Fund Returns….
- Perspective Unlimited: A Simple Welfare Analysis of Borrowers and Savers

5 Oct 2007
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: CPF for SIngaporeans!!!!
- My Singapore News: Annuities – More statistics
- Urbanrant: Statistics show annuities’ risk-pooling model may disadvantage poor old-old

3 Oct 2007
- Yours Truly Singapore: Is the CPF a cheap source of funds for the govt?

2 Oct 2007
- Hear ye! Hear ye!: Consolidation of thoughts on CPF changes

1 Oct 2007
- The Online Citizen: “That is what we are elected to do” – MP Josephine Teo
- vinyarb’s Xanga site: a case against annuity?
- Feed me to the Fish: Before I die
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: PAP/Straits Times answers critics on CPF!

27 Sep 2007
- My Singapore News: Growing dichotomy
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: CPF. GIC and Annuities!!!!
- HWZ: MP tells why she fully supports CPF reforms

26 Sep 2007
- Siew Kum Hong: Thoughts on response to CPF speech
- Perspective Unlimited: CPF Reforms: Why Government’s Critics Mostly Miss the Point
- Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Tweaking the CPF scheme

25 Sep 2007
- The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9: Are our ministers also confused by the annuity… erm… Longevity Insurance scheme?
- The States Times: Where’s The Money?
- HWZ: A hero in the making
- sgForums: “GIC does not use CPF funds to invest”

24 Sep 2007
- Mr Wang Says So: Your Retirement Savings

21 Sep 2007
- My Singapore News: My position, no change
- Chemical Generation Singapore: More than Marketing is Needed
- My plain sunset: Recent CPF Debate
- Aaron Ng: Government will not take investment risks on behalf of CPF members
- Leong Sze Hian, TOC: Is compulsory Longevity Insurance necessary?
- EDMW: Siew Kum Hong’s Speech on the Ministerial Statement on CPF Reforms!

20 Sep 2007
- Making Sense – The Free Man: CPF Lies
- The States Times: A Real Hard Sell
- HWZ: The Sham talks cock about CPF changes
- sgForums: PAP: Stop Screwing Around with Peoples’ CPF – Think Harder..
- EDMW: MP Sylvia Lim: CPF Monies a Mirage
- Youtube: Parliament Speech – Sylvia Lim on CPF Part 1 Part 2
- Youtube: NMP Siew Kum Hong on CPF reform Part 1 Part 2
- Youtube: Parliament Speech – Chiam See Tong on CPF

19 Sep 2007
- Siew Kum Hong: Speech on the Ministerial Statement on CPF Reforms
- Singapore Alternatives: The Stingy Government
- My Singapore News: Best suggestion from Lily Neo
- My Singapore News: A chicken and egg story
- HWZ: Official CPF changes .. and Longevity Insurance
- HWZ: Buay tahan this MP Seng Han Thong
- HWZ: Those below 55 FORCED to buy Annuities
- Coffee Shop Talk: Special Account Cut to 2.5% PA in 2009!
- Youtube: Parliament Speech – Low Thia Khiang on CPF

18 Sep 2007
- Property Highlights of Singapore: Will New Bond Peg End Up ‘Hurting The Old’?

17 Sep 2007
- Singapore Life and Times: Annuity Chicken and Egg

11 Sep 2007
- Razzle Me: Much ado about CPF
- The Online Citizen: TOC Report: annuity protest draws small crowd

10 Sep 2007
- sgForums: Reuters report on “Black Saturday” at Centerpoint 8 Sept 4pm
- Coffee Shop Talk: Black Centrepoint – great success!!
- VR-Zone: Annuities anger Sporeans…Massive public protest planned at Centrepoint tomorrow
- HWZ: Unanswered questions about CPF changes

7 Sep 2007
- EDMW: Singapore’s pension reform plans spark rare protest

6 Sep 2007
- Aaron Ng: More brickbats for the CPF

4 Sep 2007
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: That wonderful CPF scheme…

31 Aug 2007
- A Father Thoughts: A Double Whammy
- Singapore Watch: The unspeakbale ‘A’ word
- Singapore Angle: Good Compulsory Annuity, More Welfare?
- Disgruntled Singaporean: CPF is our freaking $!!!! We demand Transparency & Accountabilty NOW!!!!

30 Aug 2007
- Insanepoly: Sad State Of Affairs

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