Daily SG: 22 Nov 2007

More info: Animation Nation 2007

13th ASEAN Summit
- Celluloid Reality(s): Don’t Look Away
- Mollymeek: Burmese Good, Chees Bad
- e pur si muove: Singapore police forcibly move activists away from Shangri-La
- Martyn See: Singapore police abducts activists in daylight
- Pseudonymity: Is it just me or has the ASEAN Charter disappeared??
- Sophie’s World: Wake up, Asean!!! Part 2
- The States Times: Seeing Red

Pedra Branca
- reHASHplus: The science behind Pedra Branca pictures–Photo technique and perspective compression
- All and Sundry Singapore: Malaysia to claim Pedra Branca using unverified blog photos?
- Simply Jean: Poor Pulau Batu Puteh blogger..

Papies down wit da hood, shizzle on my nizzle..
- theory.isthereason: Battle of the Snarks: On MDA’s mindnumbing rap music video
- Ong Jiin Joo: Singapore MDA Rap Video
- Balderdash: Oh gods. My eyes. And ears.

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
- Decay On Net: Surcharge can resolve every single issue
- SingaporeSurf: Does The Government Own Taxi Drivers A Living?

Burmese Protests
- Chemical Generation: Faked-“Burmese tycoon’s son(current Singapore student)sends “boastful” email to friends”

Daily Discourse
- Welcome to Mad: Does Singapore have a hero?
- Sam’s Thoughts: No religion in my politics please, I’m Singaporean
- Rat in the Lab: Academic excellence, academic fraud
- Just Stuff: The Games Elites Play / Part I
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Stock Market Carnage & the Efficient Market Hypothesis..

Life, the universe and everything
- Midnight Monkey Monitor: Listed by Blogger’s Blogs of Note
- inter alia: SNAILS Offences Act (Cap 773A)

- Animation Nation 2007: Feature Films
- A long and arduous road of an entrepreneur: Good Time To Buy Books! [Borders|Kino Sale!]

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