Daily SG: 24 Sep 2007

Pink Issues
- Winter is Coming: Megachurches and Homosexuality
- Colin’s page on the village: Disgusting = criminal ??
- The Daily Backtrack: Defeat
- i have succumbed to peer pressure: There is some sort of enslavement going on…
- sgForums: Singapore gays allowed a step forward, but pushed two back

CPF & Annuities
- Mr Wang Says So: Your Retirement Savings

Daily Discourse
- Choo Zheng Xi, TOC: TOC Opinion: PM Lee at NUS: Where’s the substance?
- Ng Sook Zhen, TOC: TOC Report: PM Lee at NUS Ministerial Forum
- ringisei: Defining ASEAN civil society / Looking an Indon award in the mouth
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Crusade against AGEISM in Singapore!
- Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Booming economy, growing poverty….
- The States Times: Singapore Is For The Poor
- What others Say?: Why Even ‘Mind Ye Own Business’ Blogging Has To Eventually Lead to ‘Total War’ – A Competitive Game Theory Analysis (Part I) (Part 2)

Life, the universe and everything
- All and Sundry Singapore: Citizen Paparazzi on Stomp
- Crazy Hamster: Stomp: Citizen Journalism at its best or are we breeding a paparazzi society.
- Mad, Mad World: STOMPing on Youths
- HWZ: Why church inked Buona Vista mega-property deal

Odex Update
- EDMW: While ODEX is doing crap, Bluemax is attracting customers with better anime products

- Pseudonymity: Governments Routinely Dodge U.N. Rights Investigators
- Nucholas Chan’s Blog: My Heroes is Back

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Thanks for linking. =)

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